Explanation of the logo

The logo of the IUGG Union-Commission on Climatic and Environmental Change (CCEC) is based on the triangle, because the upper case greek letter delta, which is in the form of a triangle, represents change. 
The main colour of the triangle is green, to represent the environment. 
The other colours in the logo represent the eight scientific associations comprising IUGG – red (IAVCEI), yellow (IAG), dark blue (IAPSO), royal blue (IAHS), light blue (IAMAS), white (IACS), gold (IAGA), dark green (IASPEI).  The design in the upper triangle is the IUGG logo.  The design in the main triangle represents the letters CCEC arranged in such a way as to symbolize the boundary between the solar wind and the earth’s magnetic field – with the circular object in the centre having a dual role.  When viewed in conjunction with the blue solar wind it represents the earth and the orbit of the moon and symbolizes geomagnetism.  On its own the gold object represents the sun and a representative planetary orbit and symbolizes planetary science.