CCEC 2019 Business Meeting

The IUGG Commission on Climate and Environmental Change (CCEC) 2019 business meeting was held on 14 July 2019 at IUGG 2019 Assembly, Montreal Convention Centre, Canada. Tom Beer (CCEC Chair), Jianping Li (CCEC Vice-Chair), Keith Alverson (CCEC Secretary-Treasurer), Harry Bryden, Domenico Giardini, Michael C. MacCracken, Dan Rosbjerg, Andrew Mackintosh and Chris Rizos attended this meeting. Tom chaired the meeting. The following main issues were discussed: Report of the Chair, Report of the Secretary/Treasurer, Report on Symposium U1 and other CCEC symposia, Election of Officers for 2019-2023, Introduction of New Officers and New Members, Discussion on CCEC Scientific Meeting, Discussion on Planned Future Activities.  CCEC officers and members for the 2019-2023 period were elected as follows.


CCEC Officers and Members for 2019-2023

Chris Rizos, Domenico Giardini, Harry Bryden, Dan Rosbjerg, Keith Alverson, Tom Beer, Jianping Li, Mike MacCracken, Andrew Mackintosh.